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RM Design Studio provides specialized assistance to US-based clients for their Architectural, Interior Design, and Property Marketing requirements. We offer an entire spectrum of services spanning Architectural Visualization (Renderings), Animation (Fly-Throughs, 3D Walkthroughs), and Virtual Reality.

Estd, 2007, RM Design Studio has been an able partner for clients across the USA, helping realtors across the complete life-cycle of real estate ranging from Pre-Development, Development, and Post Development stages via Conceptual Design Presentations, AutoCAD Drafting, 3D Building Modeling, 3D Visual Imagery and 3D Walkthroughs. Trusted by over 400 clients in the USA, we strive to position ourselves as a single-stop service provider for all Real Estate marketing needs.

Scope of Chicago 3D Rendering Services

3D Exterior Renderings – 3D Exterior Renderings focus on the exterior of the property and the surroundings. As options, you can choose to focus only on the building in question or get a render that includes the surrounding neighborhood and features like fences, waterbodies, porches, and vegetation. As a Property Developer, you may want to try around with lighting conditions (Morning/Daylight/Dusk) or weather (Rainy/Snow), etc. which can manifest into highly impressive marketing collaterals.

A 3D Exterior Rendering reflects, generates ideas, and helps communicate with the proprietors and management and finally enforces them with their designs. With the utilization of 3D Exteriors, they can easily get prospective photorealistic designs and carry out their. Realistic design projects comfortably and easily.

3D Interior Renders – 3D Interior Rendering encompasses everything inside; the home right from doors, furniture, indoor painting, carpet and rug placement, bedroom, drawing room, dining room, washroom, and so on. One of the crucial facets of 3D Interior Design is that it reflects photorealistic models of the inside of the home.

Interior Renderings show the vantage point of the interiors of the property. Developers can show one room at a time or a view that captures multiple areas like hallways, doorways, and the arrangement of different amenities in the lobby. Avail of 3D Interior Renderings to showcase different options to the client/buyer before zeroing down on the final option consisting of flooring, wall colors, furnishing, décor, and lighting.

3D Aerial Renders – 3D Aerial Renderings showcase the property from the considerable height above, and they typically focus more upon the adjacent environment surrounding the building. They’re useful for showing how the new building will fit into the existing environment.

An aerial view is a useful tool to depict area maps along with all the details like roadways, allied buildings, and the general topography. For more significant projects like townships, commercial parks, etc. this adds value by showing a view encompassing all the buildings and show how they merge with the surroundings.


3D Walkthroughs – 3D walkthroughs enables understanding of every detail of the property by helping potential buyers get different perspectives from all possible angles. Buyers can also get a detailed outline of the texture of the walls, flooring, doors, and windows along with the furniture. Anything plausible can imagine with their property right on the screen for them to experience.

The most value-added deliverable is a 3D Walkthrough that provides a video output whereby the client can take a virtual tour of the property lifelike! This animation helps the potential buyers take a virtual tour of the building before the actual construction process begins. They will get a strong sense of the property’s feel, layout, and features.


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Relax for your 3D Rendering needs. We shall take care of every detail of your Architectural Design needs. Our service covers the entire gamut of Architectural Exterior, Interiors and Floor Plans; enabling the success of your project with potential buyers.